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Depression Ten Ways Artist Battle

Depression and art is it a problem for me? Yes and many other artist. Depression kills my creativity leaving me with weeks and sometimes months when I need to push myself to do any art work.

Cycles of depression can be brought on by weather changes, seasonal sickness and emotional changes. The worse cause is changes brought on by a divorce, death or illness because of the gamete of emotions that follow a loss. My desire to take my ideas and use them creatively is at the lowest when depression is at its worse.

Finding the strength to just get up is a struggle, so you can imagine how difficult it is to work at home. You don’t have a time card the only thing that you know is if you don’t work your bills don’t get paid. So many of us work outside the home because the bills have to be paid. This is a blow to our self-esteem because it leaves you feeling defeated.

Artist who suffer from depression also turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void of not being able to do what they love. Discipline is hard because your energy is going everywhere except to create. I find ways to cope with taking care of everyday life and scheduling time to do what I feel I was born to do.

Finding ways to be creative is in everything I do. When I cook I have to have balance between the colors, taste and presentation for every meal. I am compulsive about the details in everything I do. Presentation is as important to me and is my main focus in my home, myself and everything I do.

Now I have the time to work in the studio but due to my heath I don’t always have the ambition or the strength. This raise my anxiety which throws me in to a depressed state of mind. I find it hard to execute any ideas to a finished piece of art. Depression is often treated with art therapy, so you can understand when I feel there is no physical energy to do what love.

Keeping in mind my accomplishments and wanting to do more art is hard. Some days I am unable to work so I pick up my computer and do what I can to gain exposer for my finished work.  It is try hard not to fall into a pattern of thinking that leads to depression because it is a viscous cycle that if let go can spiral out of control.

Vincent Van Gogh and Francisco de Goya, just two famous artist who suffered from depression. There are composer, actors, writers, musicians, dancers, scientist, students and teachers that also suffer from bouts of depression. I believe it is because we are thinkers, we think about everything. How do we present our thoughts, and talents to the world is our gift.  Any person with a creative mind over thinks every detail of life the good and the bad.

Depression is crippling to anyone with a creative mind. I found that sometimes it’s better to be alone for a while than to draw people you care about in to your viscous circle. Finding ways to battle depression is the key.

10 Ways I Battle Depression:

  1. Reach out to someone you can talk to. A therapist, Doctor or really good friend.
  2. Know your triggers for depression.
  3. Simplify your daily routine and reduce stress.
  4. Exercise is an important part of your daily routine.
  5. Read up on different methods to work through your depression.
  6. Eat foods that support your mind like omega 3 fats and incorporate them in your diet.
  7. Change negative thoughts to positive thinking.
  8. Get out in the sunshine.
  9. Concentrate on all the positive accomplishments in your life.
  10. Get up every day, get dressed and do something nice for someone else.

The hardest thing is to take action when you suffer from depression. It is hard to get moving when you’re depressed that’s why you must! Get up and do something like reach out and talk to a person that is honest and will hold you silently accountable to your word. They can help you with those coping skills that just don’t come that easy during a deep depression.

Artist needed down time to prepare for the tasks ahead of them. That doesn’t always mean they’re slipping into depression. Knowing your triggers like negative thinking and stop them before they get out of hand.

Me, I have to get up and move every day because I have ADHD and it helps my mind and my body. My compulsion to move must be directed to a physical activity; like gardening or walking my dog. This keeps my focus off what I can’t do and on what I can.

I try hard to do something nice for someone even if it is just to call and say hello. I know how I feel after and it’s all good. Sometimes talking with a friend is what I need. Taking time for a visit is even better.

Depression thrives on lack of nutrition and dehydration, I try to eat, drink my way to brain health. Since you have come to the end of this article you already are doing number 3.

Create something, put you thoughts into action…

Battle depression with action.

Battle depression raise your head and take action.


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Learning Disorders/ 7 Ways Artist Cope

Learning disorders effect my art. I have ADHD and dyslexia. I transpose letters, shapes, line, reading, writing, numbers and my brain doesn’t let me slow down so art is a welcome gift because it is my greatest learning tool.

Learning the same way as the majority of students wasn’t working for me. I am a very visual learner and I learn quickly. I identify color and shape with everything so you can image how pleased I am when all things come together to create a finished peace of art.

Most artist with dyslexia are very visual they see color, tone, textures and details very clearly they can communicate through their art. Everything we observe is vivid and dimensional, so we can see how we want to recreate it before we put pen to paper or brush to canvas.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder which makes it hard to control inattention and hyperactivity with hard to control impulse. Artist with this disability like me find pleasure in drawing and find that painting with water based paints work the best.

Pencil drawing is just part of learning when your an artist.

ADHD artist love to draw and it the first aid in learning your craft.

These disabilities are a blessing once you learn to embraces the possibilities. Low self esteem is the biggest handicap I dealt with growing up. Learning about art is the one place I felt that I good about myself.

How do artist cope with learning disorders while they work?

  1. We don’t see it as a disability because our imagination is so active we don’t take time to dwell.
  2. Learning new ways to put our creativity to work is just part of the experience.
  3. Artist do sculpture, draw and paint. Others become part of the TV and movie industry.
  4. Living as a visual person means your left brain works over time, so the creative process is always turned on.
  5. Live in a world wear color, shape and texture beg to be noticed and we are willing to share our vision with everyone in our art.
  6. Because we have a heighten level of observation we know when something is off. Our sense of balance between light and dark is found through out our work.
  7. Most of our work is highly emotional and shares something personal a peak into our personality.

Those of us that have learning disabilities will try all types of mediums and in doing so we find the process that supports a style that is unique to us. The subject matter is always a large part in how we work. My need to create my vision is what drives me to cope with any disability I have. My imagination and energy is what brings each piece of art to life.

As a young child myself esteem took many hits but as I got better at developing my craft nothing could replace the power I feel when I’m learning something new or creating my art. Look at your learning disability from all side and figure out how you can turn it around to work for you instead of letting it effect yourself esteem at any age.

Visual learning is not a disablility.

My brain left or right adapts to learning what it needs to create a beautiful work of art

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Art Communicates Around The World

Art is recreating what we see. It has been around since the beginning, it is one way we communicated with each other around the world. Reproducing our visions is what artist do.

As an artist I see the ugly, depressed, fun and beautiful everywhere. Animals have always been an inspiration to me. I have so much joy bringing what I see to you in different mediums like drawing, painting, photograph or sculpture.

I love walking into homes and businesses to see what’s hanging on their walls. Pictures and sculpture that pulls an your heart strings, brings joy to the beholder and art that we fall deeply in love with are found there. We are so glad we have the privilege of owning original works.

My subject matter never runs out its every where. Every pet that I see has so much personality but, nun more than my own. Every animals character set them a part from being a wild or domestic animals. They all are so inspirational I just love to capture what I feel brings out the best in their personality.

Grace is an inspiration for me. She is just so funny. Life is so hard when your a dog in a loving home. Especially mine.

   My current Muse

Photo Dalmatian sleeping

My girl grace sleeping with her tongue hanging out.



I have been working on this piece of art for a short time and you can see how my dog looks at me every time I wake her while she is lying on my bed with me. I love when she lays exactly where she is not suppose to be or hides in the grass. She is an art form, a model ready to be captured by an artist and I am truly grateful she is mine.


Each piece of art is unique.

Create depth with light and shadow.



Grace coming is into view as details emerge.

Pencil build as the drawing becomes more detailed.


Unfolding art.

The drawing as it unfolds.


Grace's eyes pencil drawing

Art can capture your heart.


Detailed drawing in pencil Grace

Drawing with pencil is just one way to bring your vision to life.


Finished art work title Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl

I think it turned out pretty good and now the work isn’t finished until it is framed ready to sell. Every piece of art I do is an original.  I will be doing more drawings of Grace, she is an inspiration. I wish you could meet her she keeps us laughing. She got her name because graceful she is not. We have been waiting for her to acquire some for 8 years. Ha! Not going to happen.

We have had four dogs and she is the most comical. She is like a cow walking through the room everything bounces she can fall on air and tumble just walking across the room. She is pushy, you know when she want her way. Our other Dalmatians were calm, carefree and they moved so graceful it was beautiful. We miss them.


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Market Art On Line

Artist can sell their work by taking advantage of every opportunity available. How we market art work is just as important as doing it. A company spends time and money advertising their products and our art is our product.

Using the inter-net to market art is show your work to millions of people just by posting it on the web. We spend hours and hours on our work waiting to be discovered. I have been doing this a very long time. Do you know how to market art work to the masses? Your art work? Most fine artist would rather create the art work and let the marketing to someone else. That would be just fine if you can get the attention of the Galleries that you want your work to be show cased in and be paid for it.

Here are some marketing tips that take you from the studio to the inter-net. Just as I have done. I love to paint and draw just as much as the next artist. I do not have prints of my work so it is only sold to customers that want what others don’t have, one of a kind pieces just like me.

I want you to understand that I am an optimistic person and I love people. I have done show after show exposing my work and myself to hundred’s of thousand’s of people. Now that I have discovered how many people can see my work on the internet, I market art here. I have worked very hard to learn as much as I can. I want to share it with you. These tools that I use to get exposure may help you get to the next level in showing your work.

Tools to market art on line

  1. Networking is the process of putting yourself in the position to get more eyes on your work. You are the creator and the sales person. People are open to the people they feel a connection with and these will lead to more sales.
  2. Social Media is a place where people get to know you and see what you do. They will share the things they like and share it with their friends.
  3. Online Galleries are a place you can send customers to view and buy your work.
  4. A Website is taking your marketing to a high level. From your website you can share your expertise and show case your work as you create it.
  5. Link it all together is showing your post to all forms of social media to gain the most exposure.
  6. Contest are a great way to add eyes to your products (art work.)
  7. Run ads and split test them to see what your customers likes.

These tools are not new yet it takes time to set them up and work them everyday. You will find that 99% of the people that see your work are just looking. They may like it and share it with others yet never become a customer. That’s okay the 1% that does buy your product is because they truly love your work enough to add it to their collection.

Never miss a chance to market art it is your product.

Market art like this on-line

Market art like this on-line Grace In The Grass


Now you can go the tradition route join the associations enter the juried shows which is great but your work is only being seen by a select group of people. Just thinking about how to market art is your job brcause it is your work so just do it.

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Artist and Research

The artist builds confidence by research and mastering the tools he or she uses to create their work. They all so build it by knowing their subject. That’s when research comes to play.

The more you know about the subject the better you will represent it in your work. As artist we are observing and recording with our minds. To be able to hold or investigate the real thing is always best, so you can feel the mass, the surface and how the light cascades across it to create shadows. We will use books, photos and sketches to find out as much as we can about our subject.

Now you can find how to books and videos that are available in book stores, art material stores and on line. These record the fundamentals and give another artist point of view and I think it’s great.

When I draw a subject like a monkey for example, I will research monkeys in their environment. I will take notes and do sketches, take pictures of monkeys by visiting the zoos close by.

My notes record what time of day it is and how the light source effects the light and shadow of my subject. I try to capture the emotional inter action I see and how it makes me feel at the time. Then I may hit the books I want to see how my subject moves and how the movement of light over the subject effects the outcome of my finished drawing.

The camera is a great ways to capture many actions, poses and attitudes. I can record detail and expressions which would be hard to remember.

Some artist don’t want to use a photographs at all except to capture technical details. These artist only work directly from life. You don’t want to rely too much on photography. Always design and plan your picture ahead of time. Sketching in the positions or actions of your subject and creating an emotional response from your viewer is the key to a great drawing. By knowing what you want to portray you must be ready to reject anything in the photo that doesn’t support your drawing.

The photograph is not intended to be the art, you create the art and use the camera as a tool to gain insight, capture details and help you in your creative process.

Research folders are created by an artist on the subjects they want to incorporate in their art. These files include landscapes, furniture, animals, people, food and anything the artist wishes to help in the authentication of the finished art work.

Most of us try but it is almost impossible to commit everything we see from memory. Research helps us to train our minds and eyes to sift through and recognize the nonessentials that should be left out. The research helps to avoid the embarrassing inaccuracies and mistakes in drawing it. We want to draw with confidence and accuracy.

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