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Pencils Are Not Just For Writing

Pencils are the most valuable art tools you will use as an artist. These tools help us to think out our plan or composition. Every Piece of art work starts with a plan. We use pencils and paper by doing ruff drawings and fine pieces of art.

The pencil is one of the most versatile of all art tools. It is the first tool used by most artists, weather you finish up with paint, ink, wash or any other medium it usually starts with a pencil.

We can create line, textures, shapes and shading. Pencils make to easy to change your drawing just by using an eraser.

Pencils are found everywhere. They are the cheapest tool you can find and great for a beginner. If you have a few pencils, paper, eraser and a sharp knife you can be ready to draw anywhere.



Drawing Tools

Pencils, stumps, erasers (kneaded and flexible), architect brush, sharpener, single edge knife with changeable blades, masking tape, sandpaper block, drawing board and drawing paper.


The pencils we use range from a very hard lead or graphite to a very soft lead or graphite. The hard pencils make a grayer line can be sharpened to a fine point and hold the point longer. This pencil is only to be used with a light touch so you damage the paper. If you want a darker line use a softer pencil. The softer pencils are black and will have to be sharpened often to keep a point. Both hard and soft pencils can be darker depending on how hard you push down.



 Here is an example of pencils effect on paper and the degrees of darkness.

Every artist fines there favorite grades and will uses them in developing their style that set them apart from others.

Pencil Sharpening

I prefer to use a sharp knife or single edge razor blade to shave the wood exposing a long piece of lead about one half inch long. I keep my lead sharp with chisel point. The sharpener will keep only a point.


 Sharpening with a sandpaper Block

Sandpaper block

Roll your pencil between your fingers with the tip against the block to get a round point. Slide the pencil back and forth to get a chisel point. Experiment with both to find the desired point your comfortable working with.

I want to share just bits and pieces of the Famous Artist Course with you in these articles. It is the first professional art instruction that I got as a young girl. These books where easy to follow, written and illustrated by these artist.



These sets of books were a gift from one of my parents’ friends because they could see this was the direction I wanted to take my life. These men were the top in their fields in the 50’s and published these books as away to teach thru the mail in 1960 a year after I was born.


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