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Finding Motivation

I’m sitting here looking at my computer thinking I should be up painting or drawing something. I have to find so motivation somewhere. The painting is on the easel crying out for me to finish it. I know what I have to do and how to do it, I just am not feeling it.

In the past I would have painted until the piece was finished and not leave the studio until the next one was laid out. Know as I contemplate my day it just doesn’t seem like a priority I think it due to the winter blues. I am finding ways to be creative I’m just not feeling the painting.

Time has away of changing the things that matter on a daily bases. The main thing is that I am trying to keep my focus on my art so I decided today if I wasn’t going to paint. I could work on showing of some of my work.

Art 8x10 Drawing

Art 8×10 Drawing


Drawing bear sleeping

This shows you my motivation today.



We all have that one friend that keeps us motivated


Pencil Drawing

Sometimes I just want to hang out with my friends.



Sparkle’s Afternoon Nap is just what I feel like doing know.


Start magnolia

I think it’s just so nice out side I’m going to look for motivation outside.

I found some motivation and I’m back on track. Meanwhile I will be posting and working on my sites and adding more photo’s of my work.

Grace my insparation

A nasty smell is motivation for Grace.


 Giraffes curiosity was my motvation

I love capturing a look of curiosity these giraffes have as they look down on us.


Sea Turtle

Some of my pieces of work are rather large. Like this sea turtle.

I know posting the pictures of my work has given me the motivation I needed to get in the studio and get back to work.





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Random Photos Are A Document Of Time

Photos give us a window to the past, They open our minds to the past and lead us to emotions with thoughts of days gone by.

I love taking pictures as much as I love drawing and painting. For me they are more than photos of the past they are a source of research. I take thousands of photos and I want to share them. These photos are just a few that I have taken. I am in the process of scanning photos that are before digital to add to my files.

These are just a few that I have taken, enjoy!

Photo Pink Beach

Photo Pink Beach

Photo Pink Sand

Photo Pink Sand

Photo Gorgeous Beaches

Photo Gorgeous Beaches

Photo Palms

More than just beaches

Photo Jonathon

Portrait Jonathon

Photo sale boats in port

Sale boats

Photo Pink

Photo fossils

Photo pink coral sand


Photo harbor

View from our boat

Photo Michael

Portrait Michael

Photo Bermuda

Photo Housing

I take thousands of pictures. The vacation photos are always fun and they are great reference source. As you can see the time of day and it’s effect on the light and shadows. The perspective and contrast of these pictures can set a mood that I was trying to capture.

Photo Time stands still

Time stands still

Photos eclipse moon

Moving through space

Photos eclipse

In the dead of the night

Photos of camp

Far away places

Photos camp by the river

The still waters

Photos camp


Photos camp fire


All my photographs are a window to my imagination and can serve as a reference in one of my painting or drawing.

Photos my girls

The park

Photos Girls

Girl at Rest

Photos girls and boys

Brothers and sisters

Photos Dalmatian sleeping


Photos Dalmatian sleeping

Goodnight girl

Animals are great subject material for photos

Photos Frogs 1


Frog Photos

Still Frog

Photos frog

Baby Toad

Frog Pond Photos

Frog in the Pond

Photos Pond

Frog Sunning

As I took each of these photos I was aware of the light, the shadows and the perspective of each shot. I never know what pictures I will want to use yet I find them all fascinating. The objective is to take photos for a finish piece of work or keep it to inspire a new piece of art work.

Usable Photos

Photo Nest

Inspired to and color

The next step is to clean this up mat it, frame it and add it to the Gallery

The above photo I took while I was out walking my girl Grace. I is an inspiration for more than just this drawing.



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Market Art On Line

Artist can sell their work by taking advantage of every opportunity available. How we market art work is just as important as doing it. A company spends time and money advertising their products and our art is our product.

Using the inter-net to market art is show your work to millions of people just by posting it on the web. We spend hours and hours on our work waiting to be discovered. I have been doing this a very long time. Do you know how to market art work to the masses? Your art work? Most fine artist would rather create the art work and let the marketing to someone else. That would be just fine if you can get the attention of the Galleries that you want your work to be show cased in and be paid for it.

Here are some marketing tips that take you from the studio to the inter-net. Just as I have done. I love to paint and draw just as much as the next artist. I do not have prints of my work so it is only sold to customers that want what others don’t have, one of a kind pieces just like me.

I want you to understand that I am an optimistic person and I love people. I have done show after show exposing my work and myself to hundred’s of thousand’s of people. Now that I have discovered how many people can see my work on the internet, I market art here. I have worked very hard to learn as much as I can. I want to share it with you. These tools that I use to get exposure may help you get to the next level in showing your work.

Tools to market art on line

  1. Networking is the process of putting yourself in the position to get more eyes on your work. You are the creator and the sales person. People are open to the people they feel a connection with and these will lead to more sales.
  2. Social Media is a place where people get to know you and see what you do. They will share the things they like and share it with their friends.
  3. Online Galleries are a place you can send customers to view and buy your work.
  4. A Website is taking your marketing to a high level. From your website you can share your expertise and show case your work as you create it.
  5. Link it all together is showing your post to all forms of social media to gain the most exposure.
  6. Contest are a great way to add eyes to your products (art work.)
  7. Run ads and split test them to see what your customers likes.

These tools are not new yet it takes time to set them up and work them everyday. You will find that 99% of the people that see your work are just looking. They may like it and share it with others yet never become a customer. That’s okay the 1% that does buy your product is because they truly love your work enough to add it to their collection.

Never miss a chance to market art it is your product.

Market art like this on-line

Market art like this on-line Grace In The Grass


Now you can go the tradition route join the associations enter the juried shows which is great but your work is only being seen by a select group of people. Just thinking about how to market art is your job brcause it is your work so just do it.

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Getting Back To Art Is Hard

When life throws you a curb it can be hard for some of us to bounce back into our creative selves and create art. I have been hit with a few curbs and it has stop me from moving forward in a creative way. Call it grief or shock, it doesn’t matter I am find it hard to move on creatively.

I can go on helping others and the everyday routine of life. I just find its hard to pick it up when it comes to drawing and painting for now. I find that I would rather be alone with my thoughts than draw them out on paper. Art is the last thing on your mind.

I’m blocked and for the first time I can’t seem to find away around it. I have tried different things, none of them worked. I think I need to step back and evaluate my priorities. What holds the most value for me right now? What can I express it in my art?

Inspiration is easy because it is in the beauty all around me. That is where I have to start. I’m ready to get on with this already. Opening my eyes to the love and beauty around me is my way back to doing the art I love.

For all that I have loved and lost I will miss you, your souls surround me with love yet I can’t feel it. I look for you in every smile I see, every flower I smell and all the laughter I hear. I will keep myself in your memories until we meet again. My friends I feel you around me, pushing me to start a new piece of work. I will start doing art work now.

I see beauty everywhere it is my gift to share that beauty with you through my art. To show and record a moment in time that will bring joy to the eye of the beholder. I have set a date to teach again this summer and to schedule studio time where I will work and bring wonderful pieces to life.

Ready or not here I go!

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I Am Inspired By

I am inspired by animals, insects, plants, trees and water. Well I guess just being alive is an inspiration. I just don’t know how not to be inspired, I have always lived my life this way.

My inspiration is all around me. I love color, the way light and shadow can changes the same space at different times of the day. Taking a colorful object drawing it in pencil to bring out the contrast of the gray scale from light to dark.

This example of just one of an object that inspired me to take immediate action. The other day my neighbor stops me during my walk to show me something interesting. It was a two foot hornets’ nest. What a great opportunity. I was so glad I had my phone with me. I took a lot of pictures. As I took the pictures I considered the different eye levels so I could capture every vantage point.

Being aware of how the light played on the nest I wanted pictures to reference for the art I would create.  I was so inspired I knew I would get home a start drawing right away.

As I walk home with my dog Grace. I was already putting together some compositions in my head on the best way I could represent this amazing subject. I knew that it would take me some time to execute a painting, so I decided to do some drawing when I got home.

I am so inspired by the shape and the size of the massive nest. I decided to draw it before I paint it.

Sketch it out

I am inspired!


Light and Shadows defined

Starting to define light and shadow.


Are you inpired!

Filling in the form with shape of texture.


Inspired yet?

Filling in the form with pattern in each section defines the object.


Inspired buy light and shadow

Continue with defining light, shadow and pattern.


Inspired to it paint.

The balance between light and shadow brings the details to life.


Inspired to and color

The next step is to clean this up mat it, frame it and add it to the Gallery


As you can see from my quick drawing the picture area is full of interest without adding the colors of the nest. I was inspired by shape, texture, light and shadow. This drawing has inspired me to do another from a different eye level.


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