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Artist Materials Is How We Define Ourselves

How you define yourself as an artist maybe in the materials you choose. The one thing that remains constant is you will have to use artist tools and materials to create a picture.

Every piece of art that you have ever seen and liked, or disliked it is because of the artist devotion to his materials and his skills in using them. Art would not exist through time, if the artist did not perfect his materials and his methods.

In the beginning all the materials are strange to every artist. All they know is that they want to create. None of us knew what to expect the first time we took pen, pencil or brush in hand, and yet our desire to create and our determination to control these tools is what creates a masterpiece.

Don’t hesitate the first pictures will be crude and unprofessional. The only way we begin to create beautiful works of art without difficulty and frustration is to master the tools and materials at hand.

Before long, you’ll feel at home with your pencils pens, brushes and paints. You will be creating pictures that you dream and better than you have ever believed that they could be. It takes practice to train your hands in the direction your mind wants it to go.

Be very patient with yourself, no one is looking over your shoulder to embarrass you. Do not expect perfection or speed in this process. Just relax and have fun. No one becomes a master overnight. No artist ever has, it takes discipline to become a master craftsman.

I want you to experiment with your art materials and as you do this you will discover a great joy in handling them. The more you practice the more positive the response is going to be. You will open a clear direction with your pen, brushstroke, or speed of the pencil. I find that pencil and paint are my best friends. Mastering them took time and became easier than I thought once I learned about the tool of the trade.

You can only learn these skills by doing. Whether you want to draw or paint. The more you do the better you will get. As you skills develop, so will your style. This is what will distinguish you from other artists.

In the next few weeks we will look at different materials such as pencils, brushes, pens, ink and paints. Just to get use started. I want you to take each and experiment with them to see what medium you are most comfortable with.

Have fun before you know it you will be creating beautiful works that you will want to share with everyone.


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