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Artist and Research

The artist builds confidence by research and mastering the tools he or she uses to create their work. They all so build it by knowing their subject. That’s when research comes to play.

The more you know about the subject the better you will represent it in your work. As artist we are observing and recording with our minds. To be able to hold or investigate the real thing is always best, so you can feel the mass, the surface and how the light cascades across it to create shadows. We will use books, photos and sketches to find out as much as we can about our subject.

Now you can find how to books and videos that are available in book stores, art material stores and on line. These record the fundamentals and give another artist point of view and I think it’s great.

When I draw a subject like a monkey for example, I will research monkeys in their environment. I will take notes and do sketches, take pictures of monkeys by visiting the zoos close by.

My notes record what time of day it is and how the light source effects the light and shadow of my subject. I try to capture the emotional inter action I see and how it makes me feel at the time. Then I may hit the books I want to see how my subject moves and how the movement of light over the subject effects the outcome of my finished drawing.

The camera is a great ways to capture many actions, poses and attitudes. I can record detail and expressions which would be hard to remember.

Some artist don’t want to use a photographs at all except to capture technical details. These artist only work directly from life. You don’t want to rely too much on photography. Always design and plan your picture ahead of time. Sketching in the positions or actions of your subject and creating an emotional response from your viewer is the key to a great drawing. By knowing what you want to portray you must be ready to reject anything in the photo that doesn’t support your drawing.

The photograph is not intended to be the art, you create the art and use the camera as a tool to gain insight, capture details and help you in your creative process.

Research folders are created by an artist on the subjects they want to incorporate in their art. These files include landscapes, furniture, animals, people, food and anything the artist wishes to help in the authentication of the finished art work.

Most of us try but it is almost impossible to commit everything we see from memory. Research helps us to train our minds and eyes to sift through and recognize the nonessentials that should be left out. The research helps to avoid the embarrassing inaccuracies and mistakes in drawing it. We want to draw with confidence and accuracy.

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